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Christmas Message
Clinics, pediatric walk-in clinic closed during holiday season
New neuroscience labs bring researchers closer to clinicians, patients
Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu makes $100,000 pledge
B’nai Brith donation supports mental health program at Hotel Dieu

Christmas Tree in main lobbyChristmas Message

A sense of hope defines the Christmas season, a time of reflecting on our blessings over the past year and being energized by them to move forward.

At Hotel Dieu Hospital, we enter the season grateful for the many opportunities we had this year to do more and to do it better for patients and families.   That included introducing or expanding dermatology, eye and pain clinics.  Our day surgery and urgent care services continued to shine, ranking at the top of patient satisfaction surveys, and our mental health services for youth in crisis gained increasing national recognition.

We also deepened our commitment to Patient and Family-Centred Care, working hard to ensure that those coming to us for care were treated with dignity and respect, and had the information and support they needed to participate in their health care. In this we benefited from the counsel of our Patient Experience Advisors, welcome partners in our efforts to provide patients and families with the very best care experience.

All of this good news gives us reason to anticipate the coming year with great hope as we continue to build our hospital into a leading centre for outpatient care.  That feeling of hope is strengthened by knowing that the staff, physicians, learners and volunteers who care for our patients and families are unfailingly dedicated, creative and generous.  They well deserved a provincial award this year for fostering a top-quality workplace.

In all of our efforts this year, we sought guidance from the mission and values of Hotel Dieu, never losing sight of the original model of caring—and unwavering hope—embodied for us by the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph.   Along with the Sisters, we celebrate this season of hope and pray that its spirit carries you and your family into a happy new year.

Sherri McCullough, Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. David Pichora, Chief Executive Officer

Little girl dressed as an angelClinics, pediatric walk-in clinic closed during holiday season

Our specialized outpatient clinics are closed during the holiday season from Dec. 24 to Jan. 2 inclusive (with the exception of specially book clinics).  The Pediatric Urgent Care (walk-in) Clinic is also closed Dec. 24 to Jan. 1 inclusive.  Its regular hours resume Jan. 2.

New neuroscience labs bring researchers closer to clinicians, patients

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Neurosciences labs

With the opening of new clinical labs at Hotel Dieu Hospital, neuroscience researchers in the Queen’s University Centre for Neuroscience Studies (CNS) now have an excellent opportunity to participate in clinical research next to colleagues providing care in the hospital’s outpatient clinics.

“We’re very excited about the launch of our new integrated clinical research facility, which is designed for clinical behavioural assessment,” says Doug Munoz, CNS Director.  “This is part of a strategy for patient-oriented research in Canada to better integrate clinical research into patient care. It allows the researchers to work next to the clinicians to speed research knowledge translation and ultimately improve patient care.”

Located in 1,870 square feet of newly renovated space, the labs will study a wide range of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disease, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, stroke and dyslexia.  Situated at Hotel Dieu—the main outpatient facility in Kingston—the facility is easily accessible for patients and the community.

“This lab creates a unique partnership between us and the Centre for Neuroscience Studies,” says Hotel Dieu CEO Dr. David Pichora. “The lab’s close proximity to our specialized outpatient clinics creates a strong clinical connection, providing a major advantage for researchers as they work to change life outcomes through early diagnosis of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.  Their work will improve our ability to diagnose and care for patients here and across Canada.”

The CNS is the focal point of a centre for research and scholarship in neuroscience, whose scope will encompass elements of all aspects of neuroscience across campus.  The missions of the centre include furthering the understanding of brain organization and function, as well as enhancing societal neurological and mental health, with emphasis upon improving the quality of life for those affected by neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Pictured: On hand to cut the official ribbon at the launch of the new neurosciences clinical labs were (l-r):  Vic Sahai, Director, HDH Research Institute; Doug Munoz, Director of the Centre for Neuroscience Studies, Queen’s University; HDH CEO Dr. David Pichora; researcher Steven Scott; and researcher James Reynolds.

Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu makes $100,000 pledge

Voluntee Services present cheque to hospital and foundation representatives

Our incredible Volunteers have done it again!  After finishing off a $1 million pledge last year, Volunteer Services to Hotel Dieu Hospital Inc. has made another big funding commitment:  $100,000 over two years to support equipment and programs at Hotel Dieu.

Volunteer Services has been a generous supporter of Hotel Dieu for many years, its dedicated members raising and donating thousands of dollars to support hospital equipment and programs.  On December 15, they officially pledged $100,000 over two years for equipment and announced that University Hospitals Kingston Foundation has already received the first $50,000 to help with the purchase of:
•    an electrosurgical generator for Endoscopy ($15,000), a device that uses high-frequency electric currents to cut away polyps (growths inside the colon that can become cancerous) and stop bleeding in the colon, and
•    seven new recovery beds for the hospital’s overnight surgical stay unit ($35,000), designed to ensure greater patient comfort.

The designation of the second installment will be determined next year, says Volunteer Services President Sharon Suddergaard.

On December 15, the Volunteers further celebrated the season of hope and giving by generously contributing $10,000 to the Child Development Centre at Hotel Dieu to help purchase a specialized treadmill that supports children with walking challenges. And they presented the hospital’s Child Life program with $3500 to assist in its work of empowering young patients who are facing or living with health problems. 

Pictured: On Dec. 15, Hotel Dieu Volunteers and representatives from the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation came together to announce the Volunteers’ $100,000 pledge towards the purchase of hospital equipment.

B’nai Brith donation supports mental health program at Hotel Dieu

At its annual gala fundraiser on November 27, the B’nai Brith Lodge #1191 celebrated astronaut Chris Hadfield and then put Hotel Dieu over the moon with a donation of more than $100,000 for our child and adolescent mental health program.

Through the gala fundraiser, the B’nai Brith has long and generously supported causes in the Kingston community and beyond. “An Evening with Chris Hadfield” raised more than $100,000 for the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation Logo (UHKF), the charitable organization that supports Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston General Hospital and Providence Care.

UHKF will direct proceeds from the event to Hotel Dieu’s regional Child & Adolescent Mental Health program, which provides comprehensive psychiatric services to children and youth up to the age of 18 who live in Kingston, Trenton, Belleville, Bancroft, Brockville, Perth, Smiths Falls and surrounding communities.
While the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care pays the salaries of our hard-working staff, community support is essential for developing the physical facilities we need.  In the case of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health program that means finding the means to create a welcoming environment that is essential to caring for children and families. Funds raised at the gala will help us to better create a safe home away from home for our most vulnerable patients.

“When they come in frightened, anxious, depressed or suicidal, we want to make sure that the space they enter is warm, welcoming, inviting and safe,” says Nicholas Axas, team leader in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Consult Clinic.
Hotel Dieu is delighted by the strong show of community support and investment in children’s mental health, says Board Chair Sherri McCullough.  

“It’s vitally important to the work we do to support our younger patients and their families experiencing mental health issues, which can range from eating disorders to autism spectrum disorder to acute mental health crises,” she says.
“We’re very grateful to the B’nai Brith for its generosity, commitment and vision, which will contribute significantly to helping Hotel Dieu ensure excellence in mental health care in this region.”