Celebrating Your Best

Woman balancing on exercise ball

When we start on this journey of lifestyle changes to manage our weight we can sometimes fall into some of the ‘diet mentality’ traps. One of the most common traps is the unrealistic weight loss goal. Thinking that we need to lose as much as possible by any means necessary will lead us to make changes to our lives that we can tolerate but not enjoy and to do things that we can’t maintain. This approach can leave us frustrated when we don’t see progress, make us feel like a failure, and lead us to give up.

We know that this approach hasn’t work for us in the past. Why not consider a different approach?

Consider letting go of the ‘by any means necessary’ approach and try on a different thought process. Instead focus on simply making positive changes you enjoy and allowing your weight to fall where it lands. This means letting your body decide its best weight. Taking this approach allows you to find a lifestyle, and weight, that you’ll find much easier to maintain. Honoring your body and its journey will leave you feeling better about yourself and allows you to move forward without the feelings of failure. 

Want to learn more? http://www.obesitynetwork.ca/understanding-obesity