Celebrate the Commuter Challenge!

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For more information and to sign up for the Commuter Challenge you can go to their website at: http://commuterchallenge.ca/

June marks the kick-off of another Commuter Challenge week, running June 5th to June 11th. The goal of this challenge is to celebrate physical activity in our community by encouraging people to find more active modes of transportation, like walking and cycling, over driving. This friendly competition runs alongside the Canadian Environment Week which helps promote sustainability.  Whether it’s commuting to work or around the neighborhood this challenge helps you see how much more movement you can get, and pollution you can reduce, by leaving the car in the driveway.

If you have been thinking about adding more physical activity into your lifestyle this week is your gateway. There are lots of individuals, organizations, and cities getting involved so you’ll have lots of supporters alongside you!

How it works: Instead of driving to work, try taking your bike. If your work is too far away to bike, or you don’t feel ready to cycle to work, try walking to a nearby bus stop to take the bus, and then choose a bus stop farther away. These methods help get you moving as part of your daily life, which research shows has many benefits to our health. If your work is too far from your home to realistically commute by bike, and you don’t have access to a bus that will take you there, consider commuting by foot or bike in the evening time around your own neighborhood, to your local grocery store to pick up some fresh vegetables for dinner or to a friend’s home to visit. You could also consider just ‘commuting’ around the neighbor during this week in June as a way to start moving more.

It’s nice to see your efforts add up as you track them on the Commuter Challenge website, and seeing your total activity add up helps motivate you to do more try using a pedometer or activity band to keep the momentum once the week is over!

Happy trails!