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What is GLP-1 and why should I know about it if I’ve had bariatric surgery?

By now, we’ve all learned a thing or two about the complexity of obesity. Indeed, how our bodies manage weight is not as simple as the old equation diet + exercise. Obesity is considered a chronic, relapsing chronic disease ( As with other chronic diseases, there are multiple behavioural and physiological influences on how obesity unfolds for any one person.

Self-Monitoring: The Benefits of Writing Things Down

Writing down your daily meals and snacks can sometimes feel like a chore. But did you know that it comes with a pack of benefits?

What is self-monitoring?
Self-monitoring is the act of observing and recording your behaviours and practices (think food, activity, moods) to help you reflect and change your behaviours. Some common self-monitoring tools include food diaries, food recalls, exercise logs, or equipment such as pedometers. 

Navigating Social Media

The Facebook site said …

I’m a part of the online community network and they suggest …

I’ve been supplementing with (____) because someone on the peer network used it …

This is simply a snapshot into the ‘doctor internet’ comments that we receive in our daily practice at the bariatric clinic. Indeed, we support the strong network of peer support for bariatric patients. However, we must advise caution about sharing and receiving health advice online and with peers.
When engaging in online discussions and forums, consider:

Defuse the negative

Here in the bariatric clinic, we are home to some of the most vulnerable conversations that folks will have. We open up discussions about raw, human experiences around body, weight and food.

What’s the Fuss about Leptin?

Picture this: It’s Thanksgiving Day. You have been looking forward to the delicious food that your family has prepared. As you sit at the extended table with your family, you start to feel like you haven’t had anything to eat in a week. After enjoying the lovely home cooked meal, your grandmother starts to roll out a delicious pumpkin pie, but now you are feeling more stuffed than your Thanksgiving turkey. But how can you go from feeling like you haven’t had anything to eat in a week to feeling like you don’t want to eat for a week?