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Take control of your sweet tooth!

Do you find it difficult to concentrate mid-day with a sugar craving? Are you searching the cupboards in the evening to satisfy that sweet tooth? What appeases it? Chocolate? Baked goods? Desserts?

Your sweet tooth can be managed with awareness, attention, and some coping tools.

The 12 Compliments at Christmas 2016

The Patient Relations Office receives many, many compliments throughout the year.  Below is a seasonal sampling of what we hear about our staff, physicians and volunteers throughout the year and about your impact on patients and families. All of these moments foster a positive impression of the experience we strive to provide every day at Hotel Dieu.

The most magical gift: 3.5 hours of your time

Want to give others—and yourself—a magical gift this holiday season?  How about 3.5 hours of your week towards improving patient care?

JJoan Carstairs in Brock Boutiqueoan Carstairs gave herself that present last year when she started volunteering in the Brock Boutique at Hotel Dieu Hospital.  It’s a commitment that can be summed up in three words—best gift ever—if you’re someone who loves being around happy customers, beautiful merchandise and support

Healthy Hibernation

Make your day a little bit harder

When it comes to being physically active, anything and everything counts! You don’t necessarily need to devote a block of time every day exclusively for physical fitness. Make your day a little bit harder by parking farther away from buildings, taking the stairs, walking to speak to a colleague instead of e-mailing or going for a walk on your lunch break.

Breakfast just got che-easier!

Cottage cheese is a fresh, unripened cheese similar to ricotta with a yogurt-like consistency. It has a unique taste and is incredibly versatile. Its nutritional content also makes it unique. Cottage cheese is drained rather than pressed like most cheeses. This allows the liquid whey to remain, making it higher in protein. It’s naturally lower in salt than other cheeses and it is available in lower milk fat percentages (M.F.%) too! Choose cottage cheese that is 2% M.F. or less and use it as a substitute for sour cream, cream cheese, kefir or yogurt.