What Bariatric Surgery Does For You?

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From May 1-4, 2016 the bariatric team here at Hotel Dieu Hospital will be sharing their latest research on diabetes and bariatric surgery at the International Congress on Obesity in Vancouver. This research project explored how people living with diabetes are affected by bariatric surgeries.

The project helped the team understand how some people see large improvements in their blood sugar management, while others may not see very much change. They were able to identify some predictors for this effect and are excited to share these results with the scientific community. (Spoiler alert!  The amount of weight lost after surgery was not a predictor of how much their blood sugar control improved or didn’t improve).

This project reminds us all that the goal of bariatric surgery is not to ‘make’ people lose weight but to help improve their health and quality of life. When it comes to your personal journey in this field, do you find yourself measuring your success or failure by how many pounds you lose? A weight-focused mindset can set off a rollercoaster of emotions, often leaving us frustrated and wanting to give up.

Consider how the changes you will make may improve your health, improve your quality of life and improve your well-being as an alternative to the weight-focused approach. This can be more sustainable because we live day to day in these areas of life and don’t live every day on the scale.

Want to learn more? See: http://www.obesitynetwork.ca/resources