Board of Directors (Directors Only)


  • Admin - 0100 Hospital Philosophy and Mission
    This policy describes the origins of the philosophy and mission of Hotel Dieu Hospital and the central role of the philosophy and mission in guiding all activities at Hotel Dieu Hospital.

  • Admin - 0105 Administrative By-Laws
    Hotel Dieu Hospital is a registered charity, incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, having its Head Office in Kingston.

  • Admin - 0110 Board Conduct
    Hotel Dieu Hospital is committed to the highest standards of public trust and integrity. This policy is to clarify the standards of conduct that are expected of Directors and members of board standing committees.

  • Admin - 0115 Board Education and Development
    Directors have a duty to be knowledgeable about the affairs of the hospital and their obligations as members of the board. To this end board members participate in board orientation, orientation to new committees, board retreats, and board education sessions. Board members attend additional education in accordance with board approval policies.

  • Admin - 0120 CEO Succession Plan
    The departure of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from the hospital represents a significant risk to the organization. The CEO reports to and is accountable to the Board of Directors, who in turn are accountable to the Members of the Corporation.

  • Admin - 0125 Chief of Staff and Medical and Academic Affairs Succession Plan
    The departure of the Chief of Staff/Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs from the hospital represents a significant risk to the organization. The Chief of Staff/Chief of Medical & Academic Affairs reports to and is accountable to both the Board of Directors and the CEO.

  • Admin - 0130 Duality of Interest, Conflict of Interest
    In the past several years, public attention has focused on the increasing responsibilities required of those charged with the functions of operating health care facilities. This awareness has resulted in concerns that dual interest or perhaps conflicts of interest can exist. It is recognized that such dual interests are not by definition improper, and may in fact be beneficial to and consistent with the goals of the Hospital. However, to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, the Board of Directors has adopted a policy on duality of interest/conflict of interest.

  • Admin - 0135 Ethics
    The Philosophy and Mission of the Hospital along with the values and principles contained in the Health Care Ethics Guide 1 and in the medical-moral teachings of the Catholic Church form the basis for all medical practice and health care delivery.

  • Admin - 0140 Physical Recognition of Leadership to HDH
    Hotel Dieu Hospital may install physical recognition from time to time to recognize past leaders within the Board of Directors, Administration, or Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph or medical leaders whose contributions to the Hospital have been particularly note-worthy. The hospital maintains autonomy in the placement of physical recognition within the hospital, since the physical plant is a hospital asset.

  • Admin - 0145 Temporary Removal of Religious Icons at Patient Request
    Guided by the Hotel Dieu Hospital philosophy statement, mission and values Hotel Dieu Hospital cares for people of all religious faiths or creeds, and those with no religious belief or creed. From time to time some patients may experience discomfort in the presence of religious icons and request that they be removed. The following policy was developed to ensure that there is a standardized process to guide Hotel Dieu Hospital staff to respond sensitively to these requests.

  • Admin - 1615 Corporate Travel
    The corporate travel policy has been developed in an effort to control all traveling expenses and maximize the benefits of each dollar spent. This policy is a requirement under the Broader Public Sector Expenses Directive.

  • Board Policy Tracking Form